Micro-Scale Contract Manufacturing and Engineering Services

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GreatBigFactory is the manufacturing wing of my operation. I operate an automatic stencil printer, two automatic pick-and-place machines, and a 5-zone conveyor reflow oven at my home shop and take a few contracts per year that involve assembly, rework, programming, and testing of a few hundred units each. I’ve also taken very small contracts for hand assembly of prototypes and research articles.

Rows of assembled PCBs

My capacity is perfect for PCB event badges, promotional gadgets, crowdfunding fulfillment, and class/camp kits. If you have a design that you think you could use my help assembling, shoot me an email (nick [at] greatbigfactory.com) and I’ll be happy to send you a quote. I’m also available for design and layout and I have experience designing conference badges for events such as SXSW Create and Open Hardware Summit. I prefer to work on open source projects, I avoid NDAs and “defense” related projects like the plague.

A workbench with a silicone mat, soldering tools, and bins of assembled PCBs

I also prefer to work in the spring and summer when it’s not cold in the shop 😉